Murrayhill Owners Association MOA

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


– Lynn Perey & Tiffany Slaney, Board Liaisons
– Mike Summers
– Jamie Hardy
– David Crocker
– Kathy Craft
– Jeremy Young
– Deborah Geller – Alternate


Duties & Responsibilities

In order to protect, enhance and maintain the high standards and community quality, approval must be obtained in advance from the ARC before starting any exterior construction for landscaping, paving, cutting of trees, grading or construction of any kind, including remodeling and additions.  The ARC will review the plans, specifications, samples or other submittals for landscaping, paving, cutting of trees, grading or construction of any kind, including remodeling or additions and will consider among other things, conformity with the requirements of the Design Guidelines and the CC&Rs.

Application Review & Approval Process

The ARC will review each application within 30 days, giving special consideration to the following issues:

  • How the proposed home or construction relates to the lot, including relationships among height, grading, drainage, views & existing trees.
  • How the proposed home or improvement relates to adjacent approved homes, including mass, height and spaces between homes.
  • How the proposed home relates to the specific criteria in this Design Handbook, including but not limited to windows, style, consistency, proportion, detailing, texture and use of materials & colors.
  • How the proposed landscape enhances the appearance of the home and the neighborhood.
  • How well the proposed landscape provides transition between the home, surrounding natural environment and adjacent properties.

The Murrayhill ARC generally approved applications or approves them with conditions.  Approval of any application requires assent or concurrence of three voting members.  If three voting members do not approve an application, it will be sent back for additional detail, information, clarification or redesign.

ARC Application Forms

Fence & Deck Diagrams & Guidelines

Roofing Material Options

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