Murrayhill Owners Association MOA


The Compliance Committee is made up of volunteers and acts to serve and help the community. They are looking at sidewalks throughout the community that could present a potential hazard. Why? The Association has had reports that a bicyclist, two pedestrians and a child on a scooter were injured due to raised or displaced sections of sidewalk within our community. The City of Beaverton considers sidewalks displaced more than one half inch to be a tripping hazard and subject to a citation should it be reported to them. The Compliance Committee will continue to advise Owners of displaced sidewalks and the potential liability should an accident occur on a sidewalk that adjoins their property. The Compliance Committee greatly appreciates all of the Murrayhill Owners who respond promptly and positively when notified of a violation this past year. Thank you for helping keep Murrayhill a wonderful place to live

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