- Mark Long, Board Liaison
- Derek Balbag
- Patrick Keane
- Mike Vaughn

Duties & Responsibilities

It is the duty of the MOA Compliance Committee to ensure the compliance with governing documents, CC&Rs, Bylaws and Design Guidelines, is achieved.  Based on the guidelines, the Compliance Committee is to respond to all violations that are reported.

It is acknowledged that certain items of noncompliance require significantly greater attention due to potential health or safety risk, or construction of unapproved element(s) which may require significant alteration or removal.

An individual cited is responsible for providing a written response to each notice received.

The central purpose of these notices and procedures is to achieve compliance, not to collect fines.  We all desire a neighborhood which is enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.  Strict adherence to these purposes has this as its focus and intent.

Compliance Issue Submissions

The Compliance Committee requests that all compliance issues be submitted in writing to the Murrayhill Owners Association office and must include the following:

  • specific issue
  • location (lot # or address)
  • contact name and number

Should the committee have any questions or need further clarification, they will contact you directly.  Otherwise the issue in question will be reviewed, and if necessary, a compliance notice forwarded to the homeowner for resolution.

If you feel the compliance issue is a safety concern, you may contact the office at (503) 524-4429.

Please submit all compliance notifications to:

11010 SW Teal Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97007

We appreciate your cooperation with this matter as it is necessary that documentation regarding all compliance issues be kept on file and will assist us in responding in a timely manner. Thank you.

Revised Policy Fee Schedule

Compliance Policy and Procedure 12.17.19