- Steve Kuhn, Chair
- Jonae Waldroop, Board Liaison
- Cheryl Dennis
- Laura Keating
- Dennis Kramer
- Morgen McLaughin

Duties & Responsibilities

It is the duty of the MOA Landscape Committee to oversee the maintenance and renovation of all common area tracts as defined on the individual plat maps.  The identification of these tracts is noted by letter designation; tract "A" through tract "ZZZ".  The most noticeable is tract "H", the Murrayhill lake (pond).

The landscape committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Murrayhill Owners Association (MOA). The term of each member is for a period of one year, excepting the ex-officio members.

The committee meets monthly to review the status of the common area landscape as presented by the ex-officio members, as well as perform other business of the committee.  From this information the Committee shall decide if any actions are necessary to implement necessary repairs or modifications to the existing landscape, or necessary appurtenances.

Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure for the committee shall be as determined by the committee to facilitate prompt and reasonable procedures necessary to maintain or update the areas as charged.

The Chair of the Committee shall be responsible for business decisions relating to the MOA common areas when such business cannot wait until the next scheduled Committee meeting.  This would include, but not limited to, irrigation repairs. removal of trees which may be blown down and present safety issues or other issues which in the opinion of the landscape contractor should require immediate attention.

The Committee Chair shall prepare and present a monthly report to the Board at each monthly meeting.

For more information about Landscape or other Committee information, review the MOA Board Policy Manual.

Long Range Plans

Street Tree Replacement list

Want to join the Landscape Committee?

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in working with the Committee to establish direction for the improvement and sustainability of the Murrayhill Owners Association Common Areas. The Landscape Committee meets the first Friday of each month at 8:00AM. To become a member of this committee, contact Pam Mizuo at 503-524-4429 or email