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Tree Removals & Improvement projects

The following tree removals are being done in preparation for future landscape improvement projects.

Tuesday February 26th the overgrown Mugo Pines and a leaning Cascara willow (east end) in the common tract “TTT” along Cormorant and across from Avocet will be removed. The rhododendrons will be cut back in March and grass seed sown April 15th. The Landscape Committee is developing a new plan for this area.

Thursday, February 28th The Crab Apple trees at the SW and NW corners of the turnaround at 155th and Teal Blvd. will be removed.  Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry trees will be planted in April to replace the Crab Apples.

February 28th we will also remove the Crab Apples and Alder trees along the north side of 160th between Cormorant and Upper Shearwater.  This is in preparation for the improvement planting of new shrubs and trees in April.

The work area is hazardous.  Residents and guests are advised to use extreme caution when walking or driving around the trucks.

The removal and chipping of brush creates dust. We will make all attempts to not block traffic for prolonged periods.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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