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The Architectural Review Committee is enjoying a slowdown in activity as winter starts to sets in. The Committee would like to thank all of the Owners who submitted ARC applications and worked through the system for approval of their projects. Please take the time to call the MOA office or consult the MOA web site if you are planning to make any changes to your property. It is quick and easy to determine if your proposed changes will require an ARC application.

Garage Doors:  Have you or are you considering replacing your garage door (s)? If so please note that, if the design is different or you are adding windows you will need to submit an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) application for approval prior to making the change. If the new door is the same design as the one being replacing you do not need ARC approval, however the door must be painted or stained the body color of the house unless an alternative color was approved on a previous ARC application.


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