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The Murrayhill Community planting event held on Saturday, October 18, 2014 was an amazing success due to the efforts of the team that has been gathered over the years by Murrayhill Owner Shelly Seger. Mel Shultz, City of Beaverton Operations, provided tents, traffic control and the most important portable toilets. In addition Mel worked with the management of the Andover Apartments to obtain permission to remove blackberries from their property that adjoins the north bank of Summer Creek. The invasive berries will be replaced with native eatable berries and shrubs;  Heather Durham and Logan Lauvray from Friends of Trees, organized volunteers and provided team leaders to direct the planting; April Olbrich from Tualatin River Watershed Council was instrumental in overseeing the work to clear large areas of invasive plants and trees from Murrayhill natural areas funded by the OWEB grant; and Christian Haaning with his group from Washington County Clean Water Services provided 900 tree and shrub seedlings. Christian also mapped out the planting areas using colored flags to indicate where the trees and shrubs were to be planted. On this Saturday morning 138 volunteers showed up to plant the Vine Maples, Madrone, Salal, Oregon Grape, Red Current, and numerous other native plants and trees.

This is not the end but a significant step in this project started in 2009 by Shelly and her Husband Troy Downing.  Since
2009, hundreds of volunteers have participated in a fall and spring event to clear invasive plants, remove litter and plant native trees and shrubs.

There is still a lot to be accomplished. The Association’s long term goal is to remove invasive plantings from our significant natural resource areas and to replace the formal plantings of ivy with native ground covers, shrubs and trees. For more information on how to get involved in future planting events in our area please visit the Friends of Trees web site, or contact us at Photos provided by Friends of Trees.

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